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tv   America Live  FOX News  April 16, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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continue their recovery and we'll have continuing coverage throughout the day here o fox news. thank you for joining us. >> "america live" starts right n now. >> megyn: nearly 24 hours after the quote, horrific day in boston, and an international manhunt is now underway for the person or people responsible for a deadly terror attack at the boston marathon. welcome to "america live" everyone, i'm megyn kelly, we're now just 22 hours removed from that dual bombing that left three people dead, including an 8-year-old child and many, many more injured. over the past hours we've received several significant news updates. we believe at this hour that the bomber is still on the loose, but we are learning about new clues found at the terror scene. sources telling fox news that remnants of pressure cookers were found. this style of bomb, used frequently in afghanistan and also, part of the bomb making apparatus, an al-qaeda
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affiliated would-be bomber was caught with in 2011 in a thwarted bombing of the fort hood military. and scanning cell phone tower records for the moment of detonation and we've received news moments ago, offering a new view of the moment when a beautiful race day turned into one of america's darkest hours. . [explosion] >> here is what we know right now, the bombs appeared to have been packed with shrapnel to ensure maximum damage. the chief of emergency services at mass general says doctors have removed pellets and nails from the victims.
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that hospital alone treated 31 people and performed four amputations. at this point in time authorities are staying tight-lipped on possible suspects. the fbi will not confirm or deny anything. those sources are still telling fox news that quote, a person of interest is being questioned. just hours ago, the fbi also confirming this will be a worldwide investigation. promising to go to the end of the earth to find whoever is responsible. all told, police say 176 people were injured, 17 critically. and again, three people are dead, including an 8-year-old little boy. bill hemmer is the co-host of america's news room live in boston. bill, what is the latest with the forensics investigation as we now know it? >> reporter: good afternoon, megyn, so many times in stories like these when they are this young, only 22 hours old now, it is as important to
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say what we cannot report as much as we can say we are reporting. i tell you that because of this: the massachusetts governor, deval patrick said today there were no other unexploded devices found. even late last night there were reports that two to five other unexploded packages were on streets of boston. that's simply not true. second, no other known additional threats that's new this morning as well, and also, no one said to be in custody, on i'll talk more about that in a moment the, but part of the -- part of this investigation it is the forensics and it's also talking to eyewitnesses who were here yesterday. and during the briefing earlier today, at least half a dozen times, they implored the public if you have pictures, if you have video if you've seen anything, they want to talk to you, a boston herald reporter told me that police were at logan's international airport stopping people out of
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boston who had come to the race specifically and asking if they have any pictures or video on their iphones that police can look at it. fascinating police work. with regard to the forensics, the surgeon at massachusetts general today were describing little metal fragments that were embedded in many of the victims and they described some of the victims as having, 10, 20, as many as 40 different metal fragments lodged inside of their bodies they were slowly picking out and removing from the skin. whether it was metal fragments or bb's possibly that were loaded into these pressure cookers or some other sort of projectile that would then use as schapp nell to inflict as much harm and damage to as many people as possible. and you mentioned the pressure cooker, a major source of the investigation now, that it's possible now that this pressure cooker was dropped into a black duffle bag and left on the side of the street
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in two different locations and that's where you would found the source of these explosions at 2:50 yesterday afternoon, megyn. >> megyn: a clearer picture is starting to emerge about how this was done, although we still do not know who. now, over the past 22 hours, bill, there has been much talk of a saudi national, we're told he is a college student, a 20-year-old, who was in the hospital and there's been a lot of back and forth, whether this is a person of interest. we're told the fbi raided his house last night or the boston police raided his house last night, his apartment. what do we know about this saudi national. >> said to be 20 years olds from the town of medina which is near mecca, come here to study english and living in the town of revere, a city, suburb of boston, miles, and apparently treated for burns on his body. he's not said to be a suspect
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and authorities have told us at fox here that he gave them permission to go into his apartment late last night and authorities did just that. he has roommates and it's a building maybe 15 or 16 stories tall in the town of revere. about 2 a.m., they brought out bags of evidence. we don't know what was inside there, but he is said to be cooperating with authorities inside of the-- that hospital room now. jonathan watel, one of our fox producers, talk to one of his roommates a short time ago and this is part of the conversation they had now. listen carefully here. >> do you think your friend did it? >> no. >> why? >> because-- what's your friend like? >> what can you tell us about your friend? >> (inaudible) and a brief conversation from earlier today, megyn, i want to stress now, he does not consider this
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20-year-old saudi national is not considered a suspect from earlier today and police said, quote, no one, no one is in custody. >> megyn: bill hemmer, thank you, friend. see you soon. law enforcement now pouring over images from the scene and you heard bill how they're asking anyone who was there to send them pictures. what you're about to see a one example of what authorities are looking at. you will he see a man cross the finish line and kiss his children and then you'll hear the first explosion and 12 seconds or so later you will hear the second blast. listen here. >> great job!. [explosion]
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>> we now know that three people were killed and just under 200 people were injured in those moments. the authorities will also be looking at this video where moments after the explosion, look, you see two large pieces more than two, but those two we highlighted for you, metal flying, we've spot-shadowed them here and pieces of evidence that they'll use to determine who may be behind the terrible event. coming up later in the show we're going through the video with one of the world's foremost explosives experts who has worked on nearly every major terror investigation in recent memory, including the 1983 bombing of the u.s. embassy in lebanon. the downing of pan am over lockerbie, scotland, and world trade center.
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we're honored to have him. and bill went over how the bombs were placed, we believe, in black duffle bags and left on the scene and we're hearing that bomb sweeps were made prior to the first runners finishing and nothing was found that led police to believe an attack was going to happen. and here is the boston police chief detailing that effort. >> there was an eod sweep, two in the morning, one early in the morning and the second one an hour before the first runners came across. those two eod sweeps did not turn up evidence, but because there's unrestricted access to the race course simply because it's 28 miles long, people can come and go and bring items in and out. >> megyn: and how do you secure that lengthy a sporting event, you know, that huge a sporting event? well, earlier today hospital officials confirmed that the explosive devices detonated contained metal fragments and
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we talked about that a bit earlier and trace gallagher had that with more. >> and if i can go back, megyn and expound on the breaking news that bill hemmer brought us, the pressure cooker, wonderful reporting by jennif jennifer griffin and katherine brought us. they were apparently in the backpacks and the cooker may or may not have been attached to a board and outside nails and bb's and pellets insood the jar. and the unknown thing what was that explosives inside. whatever it was may not have been tam pd down tightly and made led to the explosion going outward instead of upward. we can point out that back in may of 2010 there was an attempted attack on times square and they pound about 130 different firecrackers
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inside a pressure cooker and you mentioned at the top of the hour, a man named nasser abdel was arrested in killeen, texas. he's believed to have been want to go bomb some restaurants where soldiers at fort hood frequented and he, too, was found with two pressure cookers. now, again, we do not know what the explosives material was inside, but the very word being improvised explosive device, meaning the homemade bombs was built with whatever you have on hand. and the area, you said earlier, megyn, in boston was swept for explosives a couple of times, but as experts point out detecting explosives are tough especially in liquid mixed up at the scene. and that's why airplanes don't allow more than 3 ozes whatever is nixed up. experts say the bombs always
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leave a distinct signature. >> when you see something built from something under the kitchen sink, the explosion, the type of components that were used that may give us a general idea who may be responsible as compared to previous events. >> and now, of course, it's up to investigators to try and piece this together and find out what the the trigger was and exactly what the ied was made up of. >> megyn: we will have more in a bit. thank you. we're learning more about the many victims of this attack. would you look at this picture? look at that picture. that is 8-year-old martin richard who was the youngest to die. a picture with a sign he made for school in a heart breaking photo that can only add to the sorrow of the dead and wounded. we will have his story just ahead. up next, we will ask former bush cabinet member andy card
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. . >> trace: we've been going new information every few minutes on the terror attack that was
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just about two hours ago. >> megyn: president obama detailed what the white house now confirmed, less than 24 hours after the attack, listen. >> we know it was bombs that were set off. we know that obviously they did some severe damage. we do not know who did them. we don't know if this was an act of an organization or an individual or individuals. we don't have a sense of motive yet, so, everything else at this point is speculation. >> megyn: joining me now, andy card, the former white house chief of staff under president george w. bush who unfortunately found himself in a similar situation on 9/11 of 2001 when this nation came under the the last domestic terror attack that took civilian lives and that was a tragic event that changed the nation. andy, i want to ask you first, your thoughts generally on now -- we've seen attempts, we've
1:17 pm
seen many attempts to try to take civilian lives on american soil and this is the first one that has succeeded. >> we've prayed that we would not have attacks aimed to create indiscriminate murder or mayhem or maiming and this has happened. this is a very sad day for america, but it's also a day where we have a lot of work to do and the white house, i'm sure, is focusing first on making sure that the victims are well cared for. the second thing is they have to make sure that all is being done to cooperate so that we understand what did happen, but the paramount concern at the white house, i think, should be be to make sure there's no other attacks, to prevent the next attack. and so they've got to do all of that at the same time and this is where america should find the resolve to work together, to put differences behind us and make sure that he we address, frul, the care for the victims, secondly, find a way to cooperate so that we can demonstrate that we're the united states of
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america. and most importantly, let's do everything we can to make sure there will never be another attack and that will be the president's responsibility. >> to watch president obama who is our commander-in-chief try to set the tone for the nation in these days, hours after this terror attack has been a challenge for him, as it was for president bush. i mean, it's got to be difficult for them. they're just men and we saw president bush come out moments after he had been informed of the 9/11 attacks and offer this message. i want to take you back, because i know you were there with him. this is president bush. >> i want to reassure the american people that the full resources of the federal government are working to assist local authorities to save lives and to help the victims of these attacks. make no mistake, the united states will hunt down and
1:19 pm
punish those responsible for these cowardly acts. >> megyn: how important were those remarks and the remarks that president bush would make in the days after, to setting the tone and steeling our resolve in this country. >> the it's important, our president is our president no matter what the party or the philosophy might be, he's the president of the united states and i think it's important for the president to speak out. president bush on september 11th, 2001 was anxious to get back to washington daimler-chrysler so he could demonstrate he was in fact the president of all the people. of course washington d.c. had been a target area as well and the secret service and others were saying please don't go back there until we know more about the nature of the attack, he was anxious to get back and important to speak to the american people and i'm glad that president obama
1:20 pm
delivered the mentssage that he has and do everything so this wouldn't happen again. it's important to understand what happened and build a case for prosecution, but it's more important to do everything possible to make sure there will not be another attack and i remember president bush being in the oval office on september 14th, 2001 and learned going over what they learned about new york and the pentagon and the president said i'm interested, but what are you doing to prevent the next attack. and that changed the mission of the fbi and changed that day. the primary mission was to prevent the next attack as well as build a case for prosecution. >> megyn: what will happen in the oval office over the next few weeks? >> well, i'm sure president obama will be very closely engaged with all of the work that's being done to understand what did happen. i hope that he's going to be very motivating to those
1:21 pm
people in the intelligence community not just the federal government level, but state and local government level and with our allies and our friends around the world to understand what we have to do to make sure that we listen well to anticipate problems and can prevent them from becoming an attack that would maim and murder and cause mayhem. >> megyn: and how important, we heard president obama talk about the perpetrators behind this and we'll track them down and meet the full measure of justice, something to that effect. i mean, how important will it be now to the nation's ability to move forward that we identify who did this and that we go after them? >> well, it's very important, he very important that america keep its promise to bring people to justice. and i have friends in boston, massachusetts is my home and i tell you, they want to make sure that this doesn't happen again, but they also want to make sure that the people that did perpetrate this horrible act are brought to justice and i hope that america will keep the resolve to bring people to
1:22 pm
justice, but at the same time, you have to do everything you can to prevent the next attack. >> megyn: andy card, thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. >> megyn: coming up next boston hospitals were bursting at the seams yesterday as the injured poured in, some never made it including 8-year-old martin richard. we're live with his story next. ♪
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>> great job! pren he pr. [explosion] >> what a contrast, innocent joy between a father and children seconds before had a horrifying explosion and now
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we're learning more about the many victims in this terror attack, including another man's young son. 8-year-old martin richard, look at him here, the sign he's holding up reads "no more hurting people, peace." this child reportedly just returned to the finish line after congratulating his own father who crossed the finish line and told he got an ice cream. he was killed and his mother and little sister were reportedly also badly hurt. the community, indeed the nation, rallying today to support them. look what someone did outside their home, teddy bears and candles and this message, peace, the same thing that little martin wrote on his own sign as you saw in that picture. and now we're seeing reports that martin's father just sent a message thanking quote, those we know and those we've never met for their prayers. mike tobin is live from boston with more on the victims and
1:27 pm
how the hospitals are handling the many, many injuries here. >> massachusetts general he is where the doctors tell us they've been removing from the patients, ball bearings and nails, consistent with the information that that's the kind of shrapnel packed on to to bomb and the injuries are to the lower portion of the body, consistent with the information that the blast went out long and low across this race course. doctors say that the amputations they performed here from automatic, the injured were brought in with so many trauma to their limbs, one doctor described it as just finishing what the bomb had started. >> at this point if i have my numbers right, we have performed four amputations and there are two more limbs that are at risk, but i hop that we will save those legs. >> now, around boston, 80 people are currently in the hospital. eight in intensive care, 12 in
1:28 pm
critical condition. children's hospital is still holding three kids, a girl and boy, 9 and 10 years old, critical condition resulting from injuries to their legs. there is a 2-year-old boy with a head injury. i'm happy to report that doctors say now he is in good condition. why a head injury? because he was lower to the ground. megyn. >> megyn: thank you. boy, that picture, that really of little martin richard, so hopeful and having exactly the right message for the world, right? no more hurting people. how could his parents know and how could little martin know that celebrating something as innocent as a marathon, a race, that his dad participated in, his life would connell to an end and his sister and mother would be devastated with injuries of their own and that poor father, your heart has to go out to him as well today. the whole family and what they must be be going through. there are many victims in this attack as you heard mike talking about. three are dead, but almost
1:29 pm
200, 170 plus have been severely injured in some cases and injured with more minor injuries than others. we're going to have more on them, including how these crudely made devices, that's what they're being described as, crudely made devices manage to make it into this area and do so much damage to these folks in a place that had been checked at least twice that morning for explosives. don't go away. >> i looked over as my wife and you know, i see that her lower leg was -- was hit by something, you know, some shrapnel hit her leg and she was bleeding and you know, there was some bone. we had never used a contractor before
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u. >> trace: fox news alert on the top story now. >> megyn: within the past 30 minutes we've got brand new information about the boston marathon terror attack. sources now telling fox news, pressure cookers were used in connection with these bombs. we are told that they were attached to a wooden board and placed in bags. they have been described as black duffle bags, filled with nails, ball bearings and bb's. this is consistent with reports from doctors who say they removed a number of sharp objects were patients, including one little girl who had nails sticking out of her body. a pressure cooker bomb has
1:34 pm
also used in the botched time square bombing in 2010. the style of bomb was seen in afghanistan and seen frequently there and to early to tell if this is a case linked to jihadists. joining me a former new york state securiczar. and aaron, let me start with you. sadly folks in israel have lived with this kind of terror attack for a long time, but here in america, somehow, we have managed to stop this from happening to us very often. i mean, the last civilian terror attack that was successful here in america was 9/11 and here we sit hearing reports in the wake of a marathon about nails in a little girl and an 8-year-old boy, you know, who just wanted
1:35 pm
peace and no he more hurting people, dead today at the hands of, we don't yet know whom. how, is this the new future for america? >> i believe it is. i believe that we have-- i believe there will be more of these. i think we're in a situation now where we're realizing that we need to do whatever it takes, both on the macro and takes, both on the macro and the micro level, what i mea [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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said, look, and in boston, they're having all of these problems because of the sequestration, they can't get
1:48 pm
the police officers and not enough money and children may lose vaccines as they shift money away from programs in boston to shore up the police and then chad asked steny hoyer about that and then about the comments and then you saw the quotes that he passed on there about proof, about what clapper talked about and what-- >> and the quote has offered us is steny hoyer said that the boston marathon incident is quote, proof of issues with sequester as it comes to the intel community. quote, proof of that, if proof is needed so he appears to be saying that the sequester has affected the intel community and has played some role, i gather in the boston terror attack, according to mr. hoyer. i mean, you know, i don't know. maybe that's the case, maybe they can prove that to us in the days to come, chris, i
1:49 pm
don't know, but is today the day for that over such a controversial issue? and by the way, the reason we had the sequester is because our lawmakers on both sides of the tiaisle passed it. i didn't look how steny hoyer voted, but it's bipartisan and is it the day to point fingers. >> and they'd come out and said wonder whether president obama's policy in syria or iraq or the middle east haven't left us more vulnerable to this, or you would have to wonder about his policies in guantanamo bay or drone strikes. if they said anything look that, they would be roundly criticized of yapping before having the facts in hand and raw, and people are still grieving and not working with the right tools.
1:50 pm
you saw president obama do it cool, collected and commander-in-chiefly job. and letting things get spun up. unfortunately, what you see here, congress is currently obsessed with spending and democrats are currently obsessed with the idea of automatic reductions to automatic increases in federal outlays and could not resist linking the two. one other thing, if i may, for mr. clapper, if the president really thought, if the belief in the administration was this was jeopardizing our national security, if we were missing intelligence that would protect us from something like the incident in boston, the president had the wherewithal not to sign this and as commander-in-chief not to do this so if there are fingers being pointed here, eventually they start pointing the other way on pennsylvania avenue to the president. >> megyn: we've talked about, there's no waiting period anymore, there's no mourning period. there used to be, you know, the president as you said yesterday, today, there are no
1:51 pm
democrats, no republicans, we're just americans and then here we are not 24 hours later back to politics and sequester debates. all right, chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> megyn: well, as thousands ran from the scene yesterday we're hearing more about those who selflessly went towards the chaos to help. and coming up, the cowboy hat wearing hero and more. greed t. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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>> some of the heart wrenching images and heroism. people who ran toward the plastic when thousands were running away and many of them came to help the wounded and didn't know whether they were putting themselves in danger in doing that. and one of them this man in the cowboy hat seen helping a victim who we believe lost both of his legs. he is said to be a military
1:55 pm
father who reportedly vaulted a fence to get to the spectators and help. and trace gallagher has his story. >> and that picture became one of the defining images. he's a coast rican immigrant. and at one point in the v.i.p. section in an organization falling fallen marines, one second holding the plague and one running towards the tragedy and pulled fencing and debris and tended to the wounding right there. and he helped that man right there who lost his leg by using his shirt as a turn quit and see his right hand there, using his hand to help staunch the bleeding and put the man in the wheelchair and rushed him to medical safety and went back to help others. he's a man who knows tragedy well. in 2004, his oldest son was killed while serving in iran and right before christmas in
1:56 pm
2011 his youngest son, depressed at the loss of his brother, killed himself before christmas in 2011, and carlos says he knows depression well, he also tried to commit suicide, but survived, instead became a u.s. citizen, became a peace activist and as you saw yesterday. he became a hero. he didn't run away from the explosion, he ran towards the explosion. >> megyn: wow, so many others as we saw yesterday, i mean, from the national guard to civilians who just tried to help their fellow men and women. trace, thank you. we've got dramatic new details on these bombs about an hour ago and exactly what they appear to have been made up of. and next the reporter who broke that news along with an explosives expert who worked on nearly every terror investigation in the last 30 years. don't miss this.
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>> fox news alert, nearly 24 hours since a horrific terrorist attack on boston and the fbi is now surging into the boston area to try to catch those responsible. brand new hour here of "america live," welcome, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. they're examining every piece of shrapnel, the photographs of the scene and searching for the clue that could possibly break this case. here is what we know, the bomber or bombers apparently still on the loose and boston p.d. saying there have been no arrests made. in about 30 minutes' time the
2:01 pm
senate intelligence committee will get their latest briefing from the fbi and seeing heightened security at boston's logan airport and nerves are very raw today. earlier today the tsa topped an arriving flight to check out a bag on board and then gave the all-clear. and katherine herridge with the latest on these bombs. >> reporter: thank you, two sources telling they were using pressure cookers and nails or ied typically associated with the taliban and border areas, and al-qaeda and the iranian peninsula although no conclusions have been reached on who was responsible. fox news has told the devices were placed inside black nylon backpacks and placed inside carnage case. in some cases the individuals have 30 pieces of shrapnel, and doctors confirming to reporters this morning the
2:02 pm
shrapnel is turned over to investigators. >> nails, you know, or sharp, sharp objects. i can't say what they are with certainty, but that's how they look like. >> do you know how many of them-- >> they are numerous, numerous. there are people who have 10, 20, 30, 40 of them in their body, or more. >> and an investigative source familiar with the case tells fox news, the fbi is scanning cell phone tower records for what is described as the moment much detonation and could be the corresponding cell phone number could be traced and telling fox the video you see here is not inconsistent with a chemical explosive at that can be pulled together from common ingredients from a hardware store and the investigative source, the saudi person of interest is fully cooperating and consented to the
2:03 pm
apartments in revere. and federal law enforcement, this hour, an indicator he may not be of great investigative value. fox news was told he was here on a student visa and didn't provide any hits on a phone terrorist watch list. >> megyn: thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> megyn: tiny pieces of shrapnel may provide biggest clues in the hint for the boston bomber, not long after the blast we heard another piece of key evidence would be the video of the explosions themselves, including the white smoke seen rising after the explosion, that tells us something. experts say it suggests that local products and not military grade explosives were likely used. also, the large pieces of the metal flying, we spot-shadowed them here and we now believe pressure cookers were used to build these bombs and the devices may have been placed in black duffle bags and possibly put on the ground or in the trash cans. my next guest is one of the
2:04 pm
foremost explosives experts. first working on an army-- as an army bomb disposal technician and special agent with the fbi, here you see some of the investigations in which he took part. the 1983 bombing of the u.s. embassy in lebanon. the downing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland and the 1993 bombing of the world trade center. tom is now safety security and management at eastern kentucky university and tom, we're grateful to have you today and have your expertise, along with you. i mean, is it like finding a needle in a hay stack to try to find evidence of who did it as you try to recreate the bomb? >> well, megyn, thank you very much for having me here today. it is absolutely a pleasure. finding the needle in the haystack, maybe yes, maybe no, but the good thing is that we're actually in an urban environment and there's a lot
2:05 pm
of buildings around and other materials that will stop some of this evidence as it crawls across the pavement and it will be found. the agents will go in and start conducting a crime scene investigation to find even the most minute pieces of evidence and what we call bag and tag and send to the laboratory. in the laboratory, the forensic scientists, examiners, will look at these pieces of debris and then start making conclusions as to what the device consisted of. >> how do you-- i understand how you could piece together what was the bomb made of. how did it work, how was it detonated and so on. but how-- we're told in the pan am 103 bombing which you helped investigate, that it was a thumbnail sized piece of evidence that led to the
2:06 pm
identity of the bomber. i mean, how can that be? how can you get to the identity from the remnants of the bomber? >> well, sometimes in pan am 103, the fragment of the circuit board that was the timer that detonated the device, is so generically-- well, not generically, but so specific you can relate that back to a very specific item or a series of items, if you will, to the exclusion of anything else. it's just like a fingerprint and it's what we call a bomber's signature. and i feel certain in these devices they may not be that specific, megyn, but there will be a certain bomber's signature in the devices and what i mean by bomber's signature in these devices is similarity in components between the two and then the investigators in the laboratory will start looking at data bases of previously
2:07 pm
exploded devices, not only in the united states, but worldwide. and cast that net out there to say, hey, has anybody in any form of law enforcement seen anything like this before. have these components been used? is it representative of previous devices and then if it's representative of previous devices, then we've-- >> we've got a lead. >> they have a line of investigation to go toward those individuals that were responsible if they were in fact identified, on the other side-- >> let me ask you, let me see, i want to ask you about the bomb blast. there were two and they were caught on tape, at least the aftermath was caught on tape. you can hear and see the smoke. is that evidence? does it tell you anything? >> it does as a preliminary evidence and any-- and we're talking about the main charge of the explosion and that will be confirmed in
2:08 pm
a laboratory examination, but initially, looking at the smoke, this is what it tells me, it tells me what it could be and also conversely, what it is not. what it could be is an improvised explosive, one, number two, it could be a low explosive that many people were referred to as gun powder and then number three, it could be a commercial explosives like dynamite. on the other side, the color of the smoke tells me that it is not a tn tcht-like product oa military c-4 product. in other words, a military type of product. >> megyn: how does that help us get to answers if we know that? >> well, it doesn't initially. it actually, it has absolutely nothing to do with the investigation initially because all of that is visual. and an actual forensic examination is required in the laboratory to determine what
2:09 pm
type of explosive that was use. and when he we determine $. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> do you have any thought in looking at these blasts, on whether, you know, any hunch, anything based on your experience whether these were likely detonated remotely? there's been some speculation by cell phone. >> there's no way to tell by just looking at them at all. i mean, i can speculate just as well as anyone else and my speculation without any shred of evidence is that they were, you know, logically a timed device inasmuch as you have two devices that are exploding within, let's say 15 or so seconds of each other. >> if you look at this, tom, is it clear to you that this -- well, i mean, we know it's an act of terror and the president's called it an act of terror now as well, but do
2:10 pm
you feel like this has the signs of al-qaeda, of an international jihadist group? do you have any feeling based on what you've seen and heard so far? >> no, i -- honestly, i do not. the motive of these-- or the way that these were utilized, in other words, we have two bombings is absolutely characteristic of al-qaeda, i cannot argue that. however, many of the al-qaeda blasts in the past have been much larger than these. i could not rule out a proverbial lone wolf that is mad at society or whomever that could put these together. because it's so, megyn, so very easy to go on the internet and research how to build a bomb. and if you don't have the explosives, research on how to make your own explosives, that's why i mentioned earlier on improvised explosives.
2:11 pm
it's, i'm sorry to say, virtually impossible, virtually is the key word, to prevent anyone from an improvised explosive. >> megyn: we hope that you have men with your expertise and women as well, look into this. >> i know they do. >> megyn: thank you so much for your expertise today. >> it is my pleasure. >> megyn: wow. they certainly have a lot to go through and they -- the experts are telling us, whatever you're thinking in terms of the resources devoted right now to tracking down the bomber or bombers here and putting together the evidence, it's too little, there are more. the fbi taking the lead, but boy, they are well-supported and you can bet determined to find out who did this. we are getting new reports at this moment of folks rallying in the face of this terror. boston college students just announcing a walk to finish the marathon for those who could not. more on that. plus, an al-qaeda publication last month described a scenario just like the one we
2:12 pm
saw unfold in boston yesterday. what are we to make of that. international terror expert steve emmerson joins us right after the break on that. >> operator to ucc. >> possible device at 671, possible device. >> fbi and state police and
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
# >> well, emerging from the horrors of yesterday's bomb are incredible compassion. and to make things easier not coming days. new england patriots lineman carrying a wounded woman to get her some help. he was greeting runners near the finish line when the blast went off and he rushed in to help. and this, as airlines at boston's logan international airport waived fees for travelers forced to change their flight plan after people around the world poured in for the city's famous marathon. good for them. and well, as you heard katherine hairage report,
2:16 pm
there were no warnings of any kind leading up to these bombings, but that does not rule out international involvement. and the recent version of propaganda magazine calls for this style of attacks by loners, lone sympathizers, is this something that investigators are looking at right now? the founder of the investigative terrorism, steve, they recommended exactly this kind of thing, hitting a sporting event and it was by al-qaeda strategist abu musab al-serry, will they look into it and see if it's connected? >> not only did they issue those types of scenarios, but they also issued a magazine in"inspire", but the late anwar al-awlaki how to create explosives in your kitchen and making sure that lone wolves could do that.
2:17 pm
having said that, the al-qaeda modus operandi are to hit crowds of people, stadiums, trains, and this didn't do that. and we're back to square one in terms of suspects because the saudi suspect was ruled out even though they did a search warrant he's been cooperating and found nothing in his apartment. >> megyn: i don't know that-- i haven't heard that he's been ruled out. what we heard earlier, they had no hits based on the evidence that they received so far, said that he was cooperating and i didn't hear officially that he had been ruled out yet. >> i heard that from a senior law enforcement source about a half hour ago. and that was the words he used that he was ruled out. >> megyn: that's a significant development if it is the case. >> it is the case. >> megyn: then let me ask you, steve. how do they go about -- obviously in the wake of 9/11 and everything we've seen
2:18 pm
since, i think that most american's minds go to al-qaeda, or al-qaeda-affiliated or inspired groups when they see something like that. how do they prove it? >> first, as catherine pointed out, it doesn't mean it won't be in the future or hasn't been on obscure al-qaeda website and the nsa is going to lots of these sites and going to signal intelligence and intercepts in the last weeks that may have referred to some type of bombing and they also had access to all the video cameras that are new basically in the last decade in cities across the united states and especially in boston, commercial videos as well as municipal videos so they can see who might have planted the bomb and going to the pharmacy stores, the chemical stores, the stores that might sell improvised explosives to see who might have purchased them and the actual fragments which were nails and ball bearings, which
2:19 pm
is a hall mark, by the way of jihadist suicide bombings and those seem to have been purchased in the united states and they're going to try to find it out. and they've got a lot of tools to work with, but a lot of leg work and shoe work to go through. >> megyn: on the other hand, you have a week in which historically we've had, unfortunately, more than our fair share of domestic terrorism. april 19th, from columbine to waco, the oklahoma city bombing, so it's possible it's not a foreign jihadist group. what does it tell you, if it's al-qaeda linked or inspired, a jihadist type group found this, what does it say to you? >> well, remember that those domestic extremist groups, the extremist groups or individuals use guns to carry out their attacks and then commit suicide or they're caught. this is the first time-- >> oklahoma city was a bombing, a truck bomb. >> that's actually very true, but this is the first time
2:20 pm
since 9/11 that an actual bombing occurred successfully. the fbi of has protected the united states with a protection rate of 98% infiltrating the islamic terrorist groups. >> megyn: that's so important to remember, because it's disconcerting on a day like today, go ahead. >> they're targeted very high profile event that would guaranteed to get attention. that's a classic case of terrorism, but more likely people with a political motive. again, the bomb signature, which is very critical is going to be taken apart piece by piece and they have individuals who are real experts on this. >> let me ask you a question because we're coming up against the end and i want to get this in. yesterday, there were all sorts of reports about two at least two bombs that they found that weren't detonated that they had and that would be a treasure trophy of information and now, those reports were rebuffed by the
2:21 pm
authorities saying that's not true we haven't had undetonated bombs. but let me say, steve, the organizations reporting that cited a senior u.s. intelligence official, somebody on the homeland security committee said two other unexploded bombs were found and someone citing a tobacco alcohol and firearms person who said two others unexploded bombs were found. and let me ask you if we have to be a little suspicious. >> we have to be cautious in accepting the statements because it wouldn't be beyond the realm of good forensic work to deny the existence of undetonated bombs which would clearly provide a signature on who, and i wouldn't put it past them recanting, to find the bomber. and i'm sure they will he' find them the investigations
2:22 pm
i've worked on and that the fbi has, they'll do it in the next 36 hours. >> megyn: we hope you're right. steve emmerson, always glad to get your information and expertise. >> you're welcome. >> megyn: we're told 170 weem we people were hurt and three killed. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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>> well, we're seeing some encouraging displays of solidarity in the wake of the boston bombing. and students at boston college decided to help those not able to finish the marathon by organizing a run of their own this friday to do just that. just as the london marathon says it will hold a moment of silence on sunday, and special ribbons for the runners to
2:26 pm
wear for the victims in boston. boy, you hope people go and you hope they cheer as loud as they possibly can for the runners who go to that london marathon because it's going to have to be scary for them and they need support and they need enthusiasm for what they're doing and good for the students of boston college. and while officials try to piece together what happened, officials in new york city, not just in here in new york, but acceptistepping up security subways and landmarks until more is known. eric shaw is live in times square. >> bombing in the streets, it hasn't happened in new york city in about two generations, not since the 1970's and the '80s, when exploded devices
2:27 pm
killed more a dozen people in those years. in wake of what happened in new york city, officials are making sure that the deadly error of 30 years ago does not return again. new york city police commissioner ray kelly says they've beefed up security and random bag checks. 77 suspicious packages, that's more than three times the normal rate, but they all proved to be unfounded. at laguardia airport, there was a scare and a central terminal was evacuated after a suspicious substance in two bottles on a flight bound for boston and turned out to be nothing. new york city mayor michael bloomberg outlined sophisticated measures he says the city is employing. >> our camera network now has the capacity to alert police to abnormalities it detects on the street, such as an abandoned package left on a corner. the nypd has license plate
2:28 pm
readers, and chemical, biological and radiological sensors. >> the bombings are on everybody's find. and they appreciate the stepped up security. >> it makes me feel better, like people are actual had i taking part and caring, and making an effort. it's good to feel like you have security around you. >> and this coming weekend there will be two runs, one in honor of 9/11, officials say there will be stepped up security and that the new york city marathon which was canceled last year will go on, that's scheduled with 40,000 runners on november 3rd, megyn. >> eric shawn, thank you, we're getting word now on the identity of another one of the victims. three people were killed yesterday, that 8-year-old little boy, martin richard and now two others and we're just getting an identity on one of the others, and hearing some of her story. it's a 29-year-old woman. we'll update you with what her
2:29 pm
father is saying in a heart wrenching twist to her story after the break. as well we want to bring you this, moments ago you heard steve emmerson the founder for the investigative project on terrorism break news saying that a top law official told him that the person of interest we've been talking about the last day. the saudi college student studying here on a student visa has now, according to that official been quote, ruled out as having anything to do with this bombing. so, what's the next step for investigators? former prosecutor andrew mccarthy is here live with us. stay with us. >> got a possible device at 671, a possible device. >> the fbi and state police and the s.w.a.t. teams. what do women want?
2:30 pm
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>> there is breaking news now in a heart wrenching story about one of the decedents, one of the victims to died in yesterday's bombing in boston. a father, whose daughter was killed in the boston marathon bombings, had to endure a second shock. doctors reportedly initially confused his daughter's identities with a friend who survived. the woman, the victim is now being described as 29-year-old krystle campbell. 29, again, of medford, massachusetts. she was watching the marathon
2:34 pm
with her friend, karen rand. the pair were caught in the first blast and for hours, william campbell and his wife reportedly believed that doctors were operating on their daughter's leg the at mass general. when the nurses finally let the campbells in to an intensive care room to visit what they thought was their daughter. fami was stunned to see the recoup rating patient was her friend karen and now we're told that this young woman has died and she is the second victim that we now know by name, krystle campbell, the second victim we know by name. the third victim yet to be publicly identified. another fox news alert, seconds ago right here, you heard news break and now a federal law enforcement official is confirming to fox news what steve emmerson just said on this broadcast, the saudi man, the college
2:35 pm
student, who was described as a person of interest in the boston bombings has been ruled out as a suspect in this bombing. reports started surfacing late yesterday that the saudi man was being questioned as he was treated in a boston hospital for his injuries, we have information that they searched his home in revere, massachusetts and authorities refused to call him a suspect. hours ago they were calling him a person of interest and you heard steve emmerson right here break news saying that man has been cleared as a suspect in this case. so, and now we've confirmed it ourselves, independently of steve. so, where are the authorities to go from here? who did this? joining me now, andrew mccarthy, director of the center for law and counterterrorism and the man who the chief prosecutor against the blind sheik, the man who bombed the 1993 world trade center and you began the
2:36 pm
9/11 case as well. and andy you've had more than your fair share with the doj and the cases. number one figuring out who did it. >> well, and that's the most important thing and every effort gets made, but you know, the horrible story that you just broke moments ago about the confusion about the victim, underscores a point that can't be ignored, and that is that the initial reports that come out of a chaotic situation like this tend to be very, very inaccurate. and even right on the scene where you would think the people who were most familiar with the relevant information, they tend to get things wrong, sometimes horribly wrong. we're seeing a number of things that we got yesterday, walked back today. >> megyn: i want to talk to you about that. we touched on that with steve emmerson as well. yesterday evening and this morning, even, i sat in for gretchen carlson on "fox & friends" and the news was that they had found at least two
2:37 pm
undetonated devices that the authority tracked those down and today they have a news conference the fbi and the boston authorities and do a complete reversal on that. they weren't the initial ones saying are, but they came out and they have no undetonated devices when i look at the sources, and they were citing a senior u.s. intelligence officials, a u.s. representative william keating, a member of the congressional homeland security committee who said two or unexploded devices were found. an official from atf who says two devices were found. it's not like a blog who says they were found. >> yes and no. yes, it's not like some blog, but the more attenuated the people were from the scene, the more likely they would get things wrong and doesn't matter how many stripes they had in the army, you're talking people at a very high
2:38 pm
level of government and must have been vetted before they went public with it. generally speaking those people attach their names to what they put out in the media. what i found in the investigation, when you've got high ranking officials who didn't attach their names to a leak, i won't say that it's invariably wrong, but had a high percentage of inaccuracy. >> being suspicious, so you're not as doubtful about the reversal. now that they come out and are telling you, there were no other undetonated devices given your experience-- >> i'd be skeptical and more likely to see this. and i'd see one thing where i differ from steve maybe because i was in government and he's dealing with people in government and that is the rule of the road is supposed to be don't lie. so, you know, the thought that they would retract something-- >> even if it's for our own safety? i mean, if it's a lie today to use your word. >> right it would be to throw
2:39 pm
off attacks on on what we have and don't have. >> it's okay to lie to suspects if that's what you read to do in intear evaculatiintear-- interrogation. you want to say we're confused, we can't comment on that, you want to stress to people that the presumption of innocence applies. >> megyn: you don't come out and say it as boldly and clearly as they did today, there are no undetonated devices. there's been a debate how we handle terror suspects. if and when we get the guy behind this, we'll have the debate. does the person go into the criminal justice system and like a person on the street or treated like a terrorist who has different rights and whom we treat a little differently in our system? your thoughts on that. >> it doesn't matter what i think should happen because the obama administration is determined to do these cases in the justice system.
2:40 pm
>> megyn: do you believe, when they find this person they'll give him a lawyer, lawyer up, get miranda. >> oh, yeah. now, a couple of things about that. they have suggested that there's an exception to miranda for public safety which we all know there is. i think they've been very extravagant in assuming they'll get the largest possible exception under the law and the reality is in different circuits that exception is interpreted differently. >> if they think they don't have to give the guy the miranda rights, you have the right to remain silent and right to an attorney, they think we have a big exemption, before they wofer that and try to get all of the information from the person and it may come back to bite them because some jurisdictions don't see it that way. >> absolutely right. in some places if you're a dangerous offender you get a long exception. in others, it doesn't matter how dangerous you are, if police basically rendered
2:41 pm
you-- >> what should happen. if we identify the person what do you think as a doj think next. >> in the person fits the definition of enany combatant, al-qaeda affiliate or someone we're at war with, that president obama could order the assassination of if that person was in yemen, that person belongs in the military system where we can interrogate him without miranda and military commission trial. even if you disagree with me about that there's no reason he can't be designated as an enemy combatant this will until we're done interrogating him and then back in the criminal justice. there's no reason to give the guy the miranda six hours after you capture him as though he's a bank robber. >> megyn: let's hope we have that problem and identify the person or persons. andrew mack consider think, thank you for being here. years after the nfrn attacks the feeling of vulnerability
2:42 pm
is back. >> dr. keith ablow wrote a beautiful piece, talking about why we were targeted. why and how the reasons behind it may make you feel better in the wake of these attacks, that's next. we had never used a contractor before
2:43 pm
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>> well, yesterday's bombings once again bring terrorism to the streets of an american city reminding us how vulnerable we are at times as we go about our daily lis. in an op-ed well worth the read, dr. keith ablow on why we were targeted and how it should affect the psyche of the american people. and dr. ablow is with us on the a-team now. i loved your piece and loved it for a lot of reasons, but i
2:46 pm
want to start with, you sort of identify the problem, the psychological problem in the wake of yesterday, saying nothing will be quite the same in boston or america after this terrorist ÷attack. >> exactly. because, megyn, this isn't an event that required the ca commandeering of large planes, it didn't take time buildings. it took place on a sunny day during a sporting event and could have been any day in any city. and because of that, the average american who places themselves in similar situations is heightened. >> you say we're no more vulnerable today than yesterday, but we will feel more vulnerable and i'm sure a lot of ours viewers are wrestling with that right now. >> yes. and you know, i understand that because number one, this is a fresh event and we're
2:47 pm
fresh to have it. other cultures like israel, ireland, have coped with violence on the streets and learned to make that part of their forward momentum. to understand that the probabilities are still extraordinarily low that this is how you would be injured or god forbid, die. so we need to know that, that the probability remains exceedingly low and we also need to know that forces that would oppose our very good values will seek to stop us. this is what it means to be american. >> and you point out, and i feel like there hasn't been enough focus on that in this broadcast, you know, about how rare, how rare these events are and they're designed to terrorize us and make us feel vulnerable and unsafe and not strong, but you point out in your piece, it is our very strength that is leading to this vulnerability and that's something we need to hang on
2:48 pm
to right now. >> if we were vulnerable and weak and had ideas that weren't going to be the currency of the world, then we want to track the ire and violence of others. if we didn't have ideas that were full of light and truth and based in freedom and value for individuals where we love people and their potential, then we wouldn't attract darkness. it's the nature of putting these ideas forward that there will be elements that oppose them through violence. to do otherwise, would mean that we retreat and we say we're not going to advance freedom, but we're never going to do that and we will always prevail because the truth always prevails. but not without adversity. >> you know, there were several children who were victims in in attack yesterday, one of whom, an eight-year-old boy who died and others, many others who were injured in some cases we're told severely. and look at little martin
2:49 pm
richard with the sign, no more hurting people. and there were kids at the marathon and wondering what to tell them, doc. how do they explain this event? you found a way to put it so that a child can understand. >> yeah, and i think that the way they explain it to a child is to say that you are safe, first of all, because these events are so rare. secondly, anything that happens to you in your life, what they're going to do as a family, is we're going to find the good in it and find out how it makes us stronger as a family and what's really important is that today you know who you are, where you want to be in the future and that we love you so much that we're going to help you manifest all of that. really, all we have as human beings is today.
2:50 pm
the words we speak from each other now. the way we look each other in the eye now because we don't know the future, except for this, that with good intentions terrible damage can be repaired and that's what's going to happen here. >> megyn: this is something we have been discussing so often, too often, you and i, but we've taken some hits lately. the newtown tragedy and now this, and it's, i think, a little too easy to go to the dark place mentally and feel just down about the world in which we are living now, dr. ablow. we have to fight against that, that's not a healthy or good instinct for us? >> no, and listen, it's so hard to focus on the power of humanity, of moments like this and you see it everywhere in the first responders. you see it in that moment that you can empathize with and i can, i have children and you do, and so that that moment
2:51 pm
where a father would say, i can't believe my son's gone, i just, i'm so grateful i could hug him a last time. what that means to every human being is really what it means to be alive, to be connected to others, and if anything. >> megyn: we can hold on to that. >> got to run, dr. ablow. >> we can hold onto that today. thank you, megyn.
2:52 pm
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2:54 pm
we just got word that governor cuomo will make remarks about the security situation in >> out of the powerful stories in boston one hit close to home. senior producer, jay, our friend and colleague, was running in the marathon and was just a half mile from the finish line when
2:55 pm
the explosions rocked the area. he became part of our coverage yesterday, talking by phone with shep are smith. >> i heard the first boom, and then the second boom was very quick. i would say maybe within under a minute. then at that point, as all the runners -- thousands of runners behind me -- about three police officers jumped in front of al of us and i was like the first person at that point, and they screamed for all of us to stop. there's been a major explosion, an incident. and at that point i could hear from their walkie-talkies a mall amount of radio chatter, and the radio chatter specifically was saying that casualties. >> he is a husband and father and a good friend to all of us here. he helps produce our 2:00 hour there was a period yesterday
2:56 pm
where we were frantically e-mailing each others and we didn't have details until they did and we are very happy he is okay. unfortunately that was not the case for too many others. and the details on who hurt them are coming as well. more on that after the break. [ male announcer ] trail...
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